Lepanam  is an Ayurveda therapy which Is recommended and used for people suffering from inflammatory pain and conditions. In this specific treatment, a mixture is prepared by mixing the medicines and some herbal liquids together which made into a paste. This mixture is known as lepam. This paste is then applied on the affected parts of the body.

This lepam paste acts as a scrubber to the body which is used to rejuvenate blood circulation, make the skin smooth, relieve skin disorders and to relieve  inflammation thereby pain management, at the same time it also activates the healing and natural purifying abilities of the body.

Types of Lepanam therapy include:

  • Janu Lepanam: application of herbal paste to the knee joint, used for treating knee pain and arthritis.
  • Kati Lepanam : involves the application of a herbal paste to the lower back.
  • Greeva Lepanam: application of herbal paste to the neck, used for treating neck pain and stiffness.
  • Shiro Lepanam: application of herbal paste to the scalp, used for treating headaches and other conditions affecting the head.